Who Are We?

Founded in 1990 as SARA Services and incorporated in 1995 as Cornerstone Environmental, Health and Safety, Inc., we are a team of environmental and safety professionals committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for protecting human health and the environment.

We spend each day seeking new ways to engage our colleagues and clients alike in a collaborative, respectful, and innovative environment. Our primary goal is to have a positive impact on our community; learning and growing so that we can work toward a more prosperous future for those around us and those we serve.


Our Approach

Cornerstone aims to develope a strong partnership with each of our clients, working together in achieving long-term sustainability through:

  • Ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Minimizing negative environmental impacts
  • Increasing operational efficiencies
  • Adopting green business practices

No matter what you need us for, our team at Cornerstone has the expertise and resources necessary in providing the best solutions for your unique facility.


Core Values
Respect for People

We are committed to developing our associates in order to drive success for Cornerstone, our clients, families, communities, and other stakeholders. We will always treat each other with high regard and consideration.

Strong Work Ethic

We are dedicated, motivated, high-performing individuals who will always act in ways that support the best interests of Cornerstone, our clients, and our stakeholders. 


We will deliver quality by actively listening to the needs of our clients and by using our professional expertise to meet or exceed their expectations.


We are honest, principled, and act with courage in a manner consistent with what we say and what we believe. 


We approach problems with intellectual discipline and employ the plan, do, check, act (also known as PDCA) cycle as our primary tool. 

Continual Improvement

We are never satisfied with the current situation and will always pursue the most practical and effective solutions while striving to increase our knowledge.

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